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Villa Beluno brings 5-star to Bariloche

Jan. 7th, 2020

With the opening of the the beautiful Villa Beluno in Bariloche in July 2019, the Lopez family bring 5-star to this widely known tourist destination of Patagonia. Located on directly on the shores of Lake Nahuel Huapi, this stunningly designed Italian villa offers its guests 14 sumptuous but cosy suites, a stunning and exclusive spa area, a park to enjoy some of the best views that Patagonia has to offer and the excellent cuisine of the brainchild behind this project: Cristina Lopez.

6 months ago, in the middle of the Patagonian winter, the boutique 5-star hotel Villa Beluno opened its door after a total of 6 long years of construction. The heart and soul behind this magical project is the family of Nestor and Cristina Lopez. Originally from Buenos Aires, Cristina always had the lifelong dream to create a place for her to express her passion for gastronomy. This, combined with the proximity to Buenos Aires, the natural beauty that this part of Patagonia has to offer and the memories that the entire family has of spending countless family-holidays in the area, made Bariloche the ideal place for this dream to come true. “However, there was another big factor that influenced this decision”, says Sabrina Lopez, daughter of Nestor and Cristina: “My father is a strong supporter of the Argentinian economy and country. A saying that he often repeats is that there is no place in the world than the country you belong to! He always transmitted to us the importance of belonging to a land and believing in it.”
Cristina’s inspiration for the design and decoration of the hotel came through all her trips abroad, mainly to Italy. The building, both from the inside and outside, reminds the visitor of a Tuscan villa with simple and sophisticated decoration. “The love for details is one of the strongest characteristics of my mother's vision towards beauty”, says Sabrina. “It is all about offering a personalised experience in a chic and not ostentatious surrounding.”
These details and experiences can be found throughout the hotel and sometimes they will surprise the visitor. All 14 suites as well as the public areas and spa offer some of the most breath-taking views that Patagonia has to offer, floor-to-ceiling windows give you the impression that you are surrounded by 360° views, one more stunning than the other. And when you think that the views cannot get any better, Sabrina shows you the staircase that leads you to the little tower in the eastern wing of the building…
Then there is the restaurant experience: the attention to detail can be seen in each plate, glass and piece of silverware, in the huge windows that give full view of the main kitchen and in the presentation of each dish that is served.
Other surprises are offered by the mini-cinema or in the spa, be it the view from the sauna or the infinity pool.
To fully be able to appreciate what the Villa Beluno has to offer, one must experience it for oneself.  According to Sabrina, the ultimate aim of them as hosts is that: “We want our guests to feel that they are at home, away from their home, that they feel part of the family and that the entire team of the hotel is part of that family.”

About Villa Beluno
Whether you desire a family retreat or a romantic get-away, when you are welcomed into Villa Beluno, you are enticed to create memories that will stay with you forever. This delightful villa was created from the bottom of the heart with the ambition of awakening your senses. Here, carefully designed architecture meet the natural beauty of the Lake Nahuel Huapi just a stone’s throw away from Bariloche. The villa boasts 14 beautifully decorated suites, all with spectacular views of the Lake Nahuel Huapi and private terrace, 2 restaurants, a tea lounge, bar and an exclusive spa.
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Villa Beluno brings 5-star to Bariloche